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Kalasrot Galleries Booking - Overview

Kala srot is an private Art Gallery and Art center dedicated to promote contemporary art practices

It gives us a pleasure to announce the establishment of KALA SROT ,an organisation dedicated for the promotion of contemporary practices in all visual art forms.Art is a movement that can not be constrained and defined by an individual.The diversity in its nature and the sensuous imagination of the artist,nurtures the emotions and feelings into an art form.The material and the medium are the tools of possibilities for the artist,which helps him to beautify his creations.An artist is always in search of new subject for his works and his quest for inspiration and realism is driven by his creative urge.

KALA SROT is such a platform that provides the artist all the possible avenues and perspectives to develop his skills and understanding towards the different art forms . KALA SROT is dedicated to promote the contemporary art practices.KALA SROT is situated in LUCKNOW [U.P] and provides studios and working platforms for budding artists.At KALA SROT, we try to resonate an environment of art by conducting artists camps and residencies and promote art culture in every human occupied space,in a way trying to bridge the gap between art and mart.

Rules & Regulation

  1. The Kalasrot Art galleries are available for exhibiting the Visual arts - paintings, sculptures, Photographs, Graphic prints, artefacts and antiquities. Timings: 11 am to 7pm- Open All Days.
  2. The application form shall be signed by the artist/person who wishes to make use of gallery or represents the organizer group wishing to exhibit in gallery.
  3. The galleries can be booked for a period of more minimum and maximum 07 days at a stretch.
  4. Kalasrot Selection Committee will review each application and reply within a month from the meeting of the Selection Committee. Please note: The Kalasrot reserves the right to accept or reject the gallery booking application proposals. By submitting a proposal, exhibitors/ artists cannot lay claim to the desired dates at the gallery, even though the dates might be available. All gallery booking / cancellation rights reserved by Kalasrot.
  5. A Mailing List will be available at the Kalasrot Office for Rs.500/-. Please inform one month in advance.
  6. Once you are offered the dates, you will be required to visit the Gallery Office to confirm the booking within one month of the receipt of our letter. The Exhibitor will have to sign this formof terms and conditions and attached along with the payment Demand Draft.
  7. The Exhibitor is required to pay a security deposit of Rs.20,000 in case you book the Gallery No. I 0r II and Rs. 25,000 in case you book the Gallery No.III and Rs.5000 for the Auditorium. The Security Deposit will be refunded after the deduction of dues towards damages to Kalasrot galleries and recoveries if applicable.

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